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Kyoto Infused with Tea — Ikkyu Tonchi Road Walk

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Kyotanabe is dotted with must-visit spots such as Shuon-an Ikkyuji Temple where Monk Ikkyu, familiarly called Ikkyu-san, spent the last years of his life, as well as Omido Kannoji Temple which enshrines the eleven-faced Kannon statue, a national treasure from the Tenpyo era. The neighboring Seika Town is at the center of the Kansai Science City and home to cutting-edge research facilities. These places show the diverse faces of Minamiyamashiro area.

Itinerary details

JR Kyotanabe Station or Kintetsu Shin-Tanabe Station
― Ikkyu Tonchi Road ~ Shuon-an Ikkyuji Temple
~ Omido Kannoji Temple ~ Suikeien (Keihanna Commemorative Park)
  1. " Must-see! "

    Walk on the Ikkyu Road with a volunteer guide Enjoy a walk
    while discovering humorous and heart-warming episodes.

  2. " Must-see! "

    See the national treasure Kannon statue in a serene temple
    Refresh your mind in the solemn space.

  3. " Must-see! "

    Walk around a beautiful Japanese garden
    Appreciate the seasonal scenery from the imposing bridge.

# Walk on the Ikkyu Road with a volunteer guide

Ikkyu Tonchi Road

The Ikkyu Tonchi Road opened in 2012 to make Monk Ikkyu, whom Kyotanabe citizens love, more widely known. 22 posters presenting episodes or witty stories related to Monk Ikkyu are installed on 15 utility poles along the 600-meter road leading to Ikkyuji Temple.

Walk the road with a local volunteer guide to discover more charms of Monk Ikkyu.

Spot name Ikkyu Tonchi Road
Contact Kyotanabe City Ekinaka Information Center0774-68-2810
Access JR Kyotanabe Station
Address See the map
URL Kyotanabe Tourist Association official website “Kyotanabe Dochuki”
Shuon-an Ikkyuji Temple

The temple’s name means “repaying one’s master.” The precincts, where Monk Ikkyu spent the last years of his life, are serene and relaxing. The approach leading from the main gate is known for its green maple leaves in early summer. The southern garden of Hojo Garden is also worth a visit.

Spot name Shuon-an Ikkyuji Temple
Contact 0774-62-0193
Access 25 minutes on foot, 10 minutes by bus, or 5 minutes by taxi from Kintetsu Shin-Tanabe Station
Bus from Kintetsu Shin-Tanabe Station
Take the Keihan Bus No.66 from the bus terminal 4 at the West Gate of Shin-Tanabe Station
20 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by taxi from JR Kyotanabe Station
Address 102, Takigisatonouchi, Kyotanabe, Kyoto

# See the national treasure Kannon statue in a serene temple

Omido Kannonji Temple

The Minamiyamashiro area, where cultures of Kyoto and Nara intersect, is filled with historic spots in the rural setting. Omido Kannoji Temple is one of them. It is only two stations away from JR Kyotanabe Station. You can also walk there from Ikkyuji Temple. The simple and beautiful temple hall enshrines the eleven-faced Kannon statue, a national treasure created in the Tenpyo era. To see the statue, please ask the staff first.

Spot name Omido Kannonji Temple
Contact 0774-62-0668
Access 25 minutes on foot from JR or Kintetsu Miyamaki Station
Address 13, Fugenji Shimodaimon, Kyotanabe, Kyoto

# Walk around a beautiful Japanese garden

Suikeien (Keihanna Commemorative Park)

A modern Japanese-style garden is located inside Keihanna Commemorative Park. It opened in 1995 with the theme of “coexistence with nature.” 10 meters high and 123 meters long, Kangetsu Bridge has a striking presence and offers a fascinating view. The park is filled with seasonal charms including various wild birds, animals, and plants.

Spot name Suikeien (Keihanna Commemorative Park)
Closed From December 28 to January 4 *The park may close irregularly
Contact 0774-93-1200 (Park management office)
Access From JR Hosono Station or Kintetsu Shin-Hosono Station
 Nara Kotsu Bus: No.56 bound for Gakken-Nara-Tomigaoka Station (9 minutes)
 From Kintetsu Gakken-Nara-Tomigaoka Station
 Nara Kotsu Bus: No.56 bound for Hosono Station (14 minutes)
 *To visit Suikeien, get off at Koen Higashidori Bus Stop.
Address 6-1, Seikadai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto

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