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Bouldering and Tea Field Stroll in the Kyoto Infused with Tea Area

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The town of Kasagi is located between Nara and Kyoto, and is home to many historic landmarks. Featuring artifacts such as the natural rock face carving of Miroku Magai Buddha, the principle deity of Kasagidera Temple, Kasagi is an area that has been known for its spiritual side since around 2,000 years ago. It is a popular destination for camping, bouldering, canoeing, and other outdoor activities.
Wazuka, on the other hand, is renowned as an area producing a large amount of Uji tea. For its beautiful tea field scenery which earned it the title ‘Teatopia’ and its community that respects the art of tea making, in 2013 it was inducted as one of The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan. The verdant wavelike pattern woven by the local people’s carefully tended tea fields looks picture-perfect from any angle.
We’re visiting these two areas accompanied by Shiho, the producer of the website “Breathtaking Sights I Want to See Before I Die.”

Itinerary details

Kasagi Station (JR Kansai Main Line) – Kasagi Bouldering Area – Nara Kotsu Bus Wazuka-yamanoie bus stop – Wazuka Tea Cafe – Miroku Magai Buddha
  1. “ Must-see! ”

    Bouldering at Kizugawa riverbed
    Experience the thrill of real rock climbing on natural boulders.

  2. “ Must-see! ”

    Take a rest at Wazuka Tea Cafe.
    Taste an original tea dessert in Teatopia.

  3. “ Must-see! ”

    Admire the gradation created by the tea fields and the sun’s rays.
    Take a stroll while gazing at tea field scenery that has existed here
    since the Kamakura period (1185-1333).

# Bouldering at Kizugawa riverbed

Kasagi Bouldering Area

Kasagi Bouldering Area is a spot where you can climb on natural rocks and boulders, and is conveniently located just a 15-min walk from JR Kasagi Station.

There are presently around 120 boulder ‘problems’, or routes, and among those there are plenty that beginners can enjoy climbing. Kyoto Kasagi Climbing Club is one place that can be contacted to rent climbing shoes and crash pads.
Kentaro Noda of Kyoto Kasagi Climbing club is joining us and will provide support as we try climbing boulders that are suited for beginners. It is also Shiho’s first time bouldering.
Using special climbing shoes and chalk to keep her hands from slipping, she pulls herself up onto the large boulder. At first glance the rock face looks too flat to climb, but there are actually holds that she can use with her feet and hands.
Mr. Noda guides her to “put your hand here” and “your foot there”, and Shiho climbs up the boulder with more ease than we expected. In just a short time she reaches the top of the boulder!
There are many rocks and boulders that even beginner climbers can take on, and feel the sense of achievement when standing at the top. Standing atop a huge boulder is an exhilarating feeling!

Spot name Kasagi Bouldering Area
Contact Please direct inquiries to the website below
Access About 15 min on foot from JR Kasagi Station
Address See the map
URL Kyoto Kasagi Climbing Club

shiho’s comment

It was easy for even a beginner like me to enjoy this activity.
I was anxious after hearing that we’d be going to an outdoor bouldering area because it sounded like such a difficult activity. Despite being just a beginner I was able to climb and had a great time! The beautiful view that you get atop the boulder is a special reward only for those who climb it. There I was able to enjoy my own personal view of this vast natural area, which looks totally different than your typical idea of Kyoto.

# Take a rest at Wazuka Tea Cafe

Wazuka Tea Cafe

Wazuka Tea Cafe is a cafe and shop, offering direct sales of Wazuka tea from local farmers, and sweets made with Wazuka tea. It also offers a private tearoom rentals of its ‘Tenku Cafe’ room, can accept applications for rental bicycles, and has maps on hand, making it a great place for sightseeing information. This tour is on foot, but the cafe offers rentals of bicycles (with electric assist) so we recommend using one if you want to see every bit of Wazuka’s scenery.

When we visited the cafe we were just in time for the newly picked tea. The tea made with newly picked tea leaves is made from around Golden Week until June using new leaves. This tea offers a unique refreshing taste and fragrance. The New Tea Set (JPY 440, tax included)*, original dessert Matcha Zenzai (JPY 715, tax included), and various other desserts made with Wazuka tea can be enjoyed here.
The Matcha Zenzai is made with matcha that is actually prepared for matcha tea, giving it the bitterness of matcha tea (matcha is not sweet!). This original dessert has a springy texture, and despite its bitterness also has a sweetness at the same time.
*When it is not the new tea leaf season this item will be changed to the Green Tea Set.

Spot name Wazuka Tea Cafe
Contact 0774-78-4180
Closed New Year holidays
Access 4 min on foot from Nara Kotsu Wazuka-yamanoie bus stop
The parking lot has 40 spaces (and bicycle parking)
Address 35 Ohazama, Shirasu, Wazuka-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
URL (Iitoko Wazuka Chagenkyo)

# The gradation created by the tea fields and the sun’s rays

Tea Field Stroll – Miroku Magai Buddha (Greenery Course)

Depart from Wazuka Tea Cafe and head out for a stroll through the tea fields!
Wazuka is also known as Teatopia and its beautiful tea field scenery originated in the Kamakura period (1185-1333). In this climate that is ideal for growing Uji tea, tea farmers grow their crop with loving care. These scenic fields stretch out over a considerable area, and there are many recommended itineraries for strolling courses.
On our trip, we chose the ‘Greenery Course’, which is a compact itinerary through Wazuka’s beautiful tea fields. The green gradation of the tea fields that changes depending on the time of day is enjoyable to view as you walk along the hillsides. This area is picture perfect from any angle, and we couldn’t stop ourselves from taking photo after photo.

At the end of this course we will visit the Miroku Magai Buddha, a historical carving in Wazuka. The Minami-Yamashiro area is home to many stone buddha artifacts, and there are several in Wazuka as well. The Miroku Magai Buddha is quite large, standing 3 meters tall, and is thought to have been carved in the Kamakura period (1185-1333).
A maintained pathway leads to the Miroku Magai Buddha carving. As we walk down the path through a bamboo forest, the Miroku Magai Buddha appears before us. Calm settles on our hearts as we observe its gentle face and large and large outstretched palm.

Spot name Miroku Magai Buddha (also called the Miroku-san at Nagai)
Contact Individual/general: Wazuka Town Tourist Information Center
Groups: Wazuka Town Revitalization Center
Access From Nara Kotsu Bus Wazuka-nagai bus stop, cross Nagaibashi Bridge and turn left. It takes about 5 min on foot.
Address Bitchuhira, Shirasu, Wazuka-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
URL (Iitoko Wazuka Chagenkyo)
Scenic spot chosen by Shiho

Check this out too! Shiho gave us her recommended scenic spot!
Admire a sea of green at the Ishitera tea fields

I’m from Shizuoka, a place that is also known for its tea productions just like Wazuka. Even so, I was surprised at the beauty of Ishitera’s tea fields! The contrast of the wide green fields that stretch out for a 180 degree view against the blue sky is something that everyone should see at least once in their lifetimes.

Producer of Breathtaking Sights I Want to See Before I Die Shiho Breathtaking
Born in Shizuoka. She presents breathtaking sights around the world on her popular Facebook page “Breathtaking Sights I Want to See Before I Die” which has attracted over 700,000 likes. Her book also sold 630,000 copies in Japan and Asia. She leads the buzz behind breathtaking sights. The phrase “breathtaking sights” was even nominated as a buzzword of the year. She currently works as a freelancer, producing travel products and advising local governments on regional promotion. She is also the tourism ambassador of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.

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