Sacred place of sports sightseeing in Kyoto

The Heartlands of KYOTO Sports Tourism

Sacred place Kyotango-shi of beach sports

Kyoto by Sea Kyotango-shi

Let's enjoy beach sports in Kyotango-shi

Beach where sandy beach for one of the best total extension 8km in Kansai is in Kyotango-shi facing the Sea of Japan, and sand bar of good quality and contrast with the blue sky, sea are beautiful carefully is celebrity nationwide. 15 beaches scatter in shoreline and, let alone summer sea bathing, attract attention as area that is most suitable for beach sports.

Beach sports are sandy beach and sports and game, play to perform on the coast. Other than "beach volleyball" becoming official event of the Olympics, there are the various fields including "surfing" to enjoy "beach flags" that came out of training of life saver based in beach.

In Kyotango-shi, we introduce way of enjoying new beaches through event of beach sports. We jump with family and friend with all one's might barefoot and, backed by magnificent sea, jump and idle around and. By watching a game of various beach sports, and experiencing, can sense seaside charm bodily with whole body.

In addition, expectation gathers for utilization as venue of official meeting that federation of beach volleyball in Japan (JBV) hosts and training camp of player

Beach volleyball
Beach soccer
Stand-upper paddleboard

Let's enjoy beach sports in Kyotango-shi

We experience beach sports on extensive sandy beach!

In Kyotango-shi, we start event of beach sports in 2014. Various programs including "beach sumo" and "beach sandals tobashi" are performed commencing with school and meeting by professional player of beach volleyball in setting sun ka ura (the Hamazume shore) which is famous for beauty of the setting sun by venue.

●"Sunset beach festival in Kyotango" (the middle of June)
(program of 2017)

Enjoy beach sports on spacious beaches!

San-in Coast Geopark authorized in the UNESCO world Geopark. We constitute a part of this San-in Coast GeoparktanIncluding scenic spot where "Tateiwa" (Tateiwa) "sheer cliff" is individual in shoreline of rear peninsula in the famous spot of flower in everywhere. At event that you made use of each characteristic in, do you not rediscover charm of Tango?

●Beach Nordic events (spring ... autumn)
While feeling the comfortable sea breeze,We enjoy promenade where beach and seaside plants of sand bar grow wild by Nordic events walking.

●Kyotango-shi dragon canoe championship (Sunday first in August)
Wave is calmSummer popular event that is held in Kumihama Bay canoe sports stadium.Canoe which modelled dragonBut, while putting up spray; is aim at finishsu state is force perfect score.

●Hatcho beach road race of net(the middle of October)
While seeing the Hatcho beach of sand bar, 2.5km, 5km, 3 of 10kmIn course of kindWe can challenge.

We heap up beach to follow in area together

We refrained from the sea difference every year6"Kyotango-shi beach simultaneous clean strategy" is carried out in month, is about 500 from children to the elderlyPeople participate. Other than the day, everybody living in neighborhood of each beach seems to clean voluntarily.
In addition, experience of stand-upper paddleboard and sea kayaking  in "sunset beach festival in Kyotango"Club of, hometownBut, we cooperate with offer of instructor and tool by volunteer. Beautiful sandy beach and various events are supported by local everybody loving oldness.

Slack line
Beach Nordic events
Kyotango-shi beach simultaneous clean strategy

Let's enjoy Kyotango-shi

Superb view which fades every season at every time

 The UNESCO world GeoparkWe form San-in Coast Geopark authorized in thisKyotango-shi.Is appointed in Tango Amanohashidate Mount Oe quasi-national park, Sanin Kaigan National Park around coastal place. We can enjoy scene of the atmospheric sea with beauty of the setting sun every season at every time including kinhikihama of "meisa" (we cry, and do not do) which is famous setting sun ka ura (the Hamazume shore), natural monument of country.

Gourmet of the sea, mountain, village is fulfilling, too

In rich Kyotango-shi brought up naturally, blessings of meal are various, too. Matsubagani winter by marine productsWe scratch KumihamaBegin this, in the summer abaloneWe take Tango, and trawl fishing net-fishing is lifted the ban on in shellfish, autumn and can taste seasonal local fish. In addition, Kyotango-shi is straight production center of outstanding fruit in prefecture. On dune spreading along the shoreWhen it is, summer; brand melon and watermelon in crop season. Pear (Kyoto sputum pear), grape grow heavily in hill country in autumn and can enjoy fruit picking.

We are refreshed in various spa facilities

 The number of the origin in Kyotango-shi is the best in about 40 and territorial jurisdiction of the Edo magistrate. We drop in at the city, and hot water and footbath, the accommodations with hot spring are enriched and can enjoy unique hot spring of various spring qualities. In inn and guest house, what can taste lovingly prepared local dishes is attractive.

We can enjoy peach picking in August
In Matsubagani (snow crab) the highest grade and "kanjin (taiza) queen crab" which is praised
It is accommodation ridge of cottage type in "village of Ukawa Onsen Yoshino"

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