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Sacred place Wazuka-cho of MTB (mountain bike)

Kyoto Infused with Tea Wazuka-cho

Let's enjoy MTB in Wazuka-cho

Wazuka-cho that it is located in the southern part of Kyoto, and is known as village of Uji tea. There is town in place where we entered at Route 163 in prefectural road 5. When there is not railroad and advances along Wazuka river flowing through east and west, tea plantation spreads in communities and village forest and one side in among the mountains. At popular spot where MTB (mountain bike) lovers gather from other prefectures quiet mountain village represented by this tea plantation.

MTBThis is bicycle running in "off-road" such as forest road and mountainous area. Run by mountain path with ups and downs; "cross country""Downhill" that is granted outbound from, mountain at high speedThere is nadono competition and is sports to be united with nature, and to be able to enjoy. It is dynamic, and, in the race scene full of sense of speed, attention degree has been increasing so that person of much watching games flocks in domestic and foreign official meetings at force perfect score.

For 120ha that made use of rich nature in in Wazuka-cho "bathtub Forest ParkIn "course" for exclusive use of MTBKyoto yubune MTB LAND"Establishment. The course"Japan Cycling Federation (JCFIt is authorized in),In "world Masters games" which are held for 2,021 years "MTBIt becomes venue of competition.

MTB to be able to enjoy from senior to beginnerExclusive course

 "Kyoto yubune Graduate student of Waseda University which performed fieldwork in Wazuka-cho suggests establishment of MTB LAND. MTBExpert designs run course of this and NPO and local volunteer everybodies working on the spread of MTB collaborate and maintain,It is open from the autumn of 2013.

Course is appreciated from lover by technical design full of changes of ups and downs. One which features simplicity that is available anytime through one year.

《Kyoto yubune MTB LAND》
Opening of the park: Sunday(4Moon - 11Month: The morning9:00 ...The afternoon 4Time, 12Moon ...March: The morning9Time - afternoon 3Time)
Admission charges: It is 1500 more than junior high studentJapanese yenPrimary schoolchild1000Japanese yen,In infants course user1,000 yen
MTBRental: 1500Japanese yen ... (500 for primary schoolchildJapanese yen ..., free of charge for infant)

As for the event that beginner can enjoy from adult to child

"Kyoto yubune In MTB LAND, we hold various events that can experience MTB with beginner and beginner, child happily let alone lover from the beginning of establishment.

●Kyoto yubune "love hi spring"MTB enduro (in spring)
●Kyoto yubune "Autumn holiday making lunch MTB enduro (in autumn)
One lap about4We continue running by team of 1-4 people for four hours and compete for course of km several laps whether you had. Lunch is with holiday making in spring in hospitality set, autumn of Wazuka tea and Japanese confectionery. Search for oval gold coin games which present hits can participate in race even if they do not do entry.

●Beginners school (several times a year of opening of a school)
"We enjoy in parent and childMTBWe set themes such as ""Kinki kids whom aim complies with in the world". Professional players playing an active part in home and abroad perform instruction and advice for beginner and beginner, person who further aims at improvement directly.

We pay attention to race to become the gateway to the world

●CJ2 Kyoto yubuneSTAGE XCO
「CJ:Coupe du Japon "CJ:Coupe du Japon MTB,JCF(Japan Cycling Federation)Series war targeted for domestic annual ranking in national convention of official recognition. Soon authorized meeting of district level "We say CJ2,XCOThis is race of cross country. Can the world check flapping player quickly if we watch a game of this?

& upgrading full course

In January, 2018, maintenance of "kids course" is completed, and child and beginner become easy to enjoy more. In addition,For "world Masters games" of 2021, maintenance plan to further upgrade course is pushed forward.

NPO and volunteer everybody maintain course
As for professional player instructing run technique at beginners school
Children participate in "super kids race" from the outside in prefecture

Let's enjoy Wazuka-cho

Tea plantation and 〝 tea source village of people 〟 which the working weaves

Chief producing center of tea that Wazuka-cho is the best in Kyoto. Scene of tea plantation spreading on the hillside,It becomes the first Kyoto scenery assets registration, and is chosen by the Kyoto choice cultural scenery.We approve as the 52nd member group of "village which is the most beautiful in Japan" allianceIt is done and is authorized to "inheritance of Japan" in 2015. Expression of tea plantation fades to bancha from the first picked tea of this year in autumn by season and can enjoy white, fantastic scene which named snow in winter.

Tea of Wazuka that fragrance is high, and is full of taste

Wazuka-cho had history of Uji tea production 800 years and cultivated for a long time high-quality sencha. Tea leaves produced in Wazuka account for about half from Kyoto, and raw materials noten tea of Matcha is proud of national top-class amount of production now.

Deep fog which it occurs from the rich forest and clean water, heat and cold difference of the night and day to bring up "body" and tea leaves with "taste." This fog wraps up tea leaves and shuts out strong sunlight and brings unique taste and sweet smell.

It is full of tea and is entertained kindness

In "Wazuka tea cafe", tea farmhouse sells sincerity tea leaves which we put and brought up, dozens of kinds directly. For foods boiled down in soy and swing of tea which local women's group developed, sweets using Wazuka tea form a line, too. Taste of fresh tea to drink while looking at rich green is particular. In addition, it is full of banquet dishes using tea, tea including tea bath and, in accommodations "Wazuka, Kyoto-so" reopened in 2016, treats.

As for fresh Wazuka tea to drink at straight production center, both fragrance and taste are particular
We cope with use of camp of circle and club in Wazuka, Kyoto-so
Seasonal banquet dishes which adopted tea break to be able to enjoy in Wazuka, Kyoto-so

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