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Sacred place Seika-cho of cycling

Kyoto Infused with Tea Seika-cho

Let's enjoy cycling in Seika-cho

Seika-cho at the west end of the south of Kyoto is located in the center of Kansai Science City (nickname, Keihanna Science City) extending over Kyoto, Osaka, Nara. In September, we carry out "Keihanna cycle race" every year in Seika-cho. In bicycle race that general person can participate in, we are divided according to age-specific degrees of difficulty and compete. A large number of audiences gather,1998It is annual event having been continued since year.

We start from Kyotanabe-shi, and Kyoto stage of international bicycle road race "tour of Japan" is go-around lace that "Keihanna plaza" in Seika-cho becomes finish point. In town, we support holding of "tour of Japan" in volunteer mobilization of inhabitants, the whole area including branch of restaurant.

Seika-cho where cycle sports are spreading among as thing which is familiar to local inhabitants. We push forward various approaches including making of cycling map which gathered up setting of cycle rack and the highlight of Seika-cho to further fix the acceptance system of cyclist coming from the Kyoto inside and outside.

"Keihanna cycle race" to continue more than 20 years

What start in 1998 every year in Seika-cho in September "Keihanna cycle race." We start for sundial of "Keihanna plaza" and run around Gakken facility around the quintessence of town main street that is symbol road. We can participate more than primary schoolchild, and category is divided according to age-specific degrees of difficulty. There is entry from each places of the whole country, participant is 700-800 every year. Do you not try for race to be able to finish running Gakken city breezily?

At finish point of "tour of Japan" Kyoto stage

Kyoto stage was founded every year from 2016 by international bicycle road race "tour of Japan" opened in May. It is held in course extending over Seika-cho from Kyotanabe-shi, and about 50,000 audiences gather on that day. Inhabitants of two municipality cooperate with the guard of course roadside as the volunteer staff, and, to "Keihanna plaza" of Seika-cho that is finish point, restaurant, product shop, various branches including cycle shop prepare for "hospitality booth" lining up. With watching race, we can enjoy gourmet and shopping.

We carry out "bicycle security lesson" as allied event of "tour of Japan" in Seika-cho. In 2019, we opened bicycle road race team "matrix power tag" based in Kawachinagano-shi, Osaka and road motorcycle classroom by woman road motorcycle team "clink daughter" after lecture about manner and rule of bicycle and ran in race track with member of 2 teams finally.

Course of Kyoto stage where ups and downs are intense, and white-hot race is deployed to. As for the general cyclist, run is usually possible because we use public road. We can experience course that the domestic and foreign top players run.

Towards town where there is cycling more comfortably

For cyclist and the audience expected that it will increase in future, we fix the acceptance system in Seika-cho. We are going to install cycle rack to be able to put sports motorcycle in restaurants around the course. We work on making of recommended cycling map to drop in, and to introduce spot to including sightseeing spot and sweets restaurant of Seika-cho.

Finish of "tour of Japan Kyoto stage" "Keihanna plaza"
In "hospitality booth" in the shop of sweets
We open "bicycle security classroom" every year

Let's enjoy Seika-cho

"Keihanna Commemorative Park" which can get close to nature

What want to drop in at by all means if visit Seika-cho "Keihanna Commemorative Park." In 1995, it was opened in commemoration of construction of Kansai Science City. Under the theme of "harmony and symbiosis with nature", we plant a great variety of trees and flowers in garden. There is "bud bukino forest" which we can take a walk through while Japanese garden "waterscape garden" enjoys nature excursion-type in "chasm" area, pay zone made in the image of open space where playground equipment was installed in in free zone and scenery of village forest. Above all, the highlight including Kangetsukyo and huge stone group has abundant "waterscape garden". In facility in site, events such as various workshops or concerts are held, too.

Have sweets of each shop pride

Seika-cho that ratio is high in nationwide of Japanese-Western style confectionary for population is "the town of sweets". It is recommendation that compares by cake, castella, Daifuku, craftsman of each shop including steamed bun eating article putting all the skill. Led by "Seika-cho sweets town association" consisting of sweets restaurant 8 store, we exhibit at events.

Production center of strawberry that Seika-cho is one of the best in Kyoto. When it is season, product using strawberry appears in sweets restaurant. Strawberry picking is held at sightseeing farm, too. We can taste sweet, delicious strawberry having just finished being produced.

"Waterscape Land" that is stained with the setting sun
Seika-cho issuance "Seika Sweet Town Guide"
As for the strawberry picking, from mid-January through late May; is for a limited time

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