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Bouldering Kasagi-cho

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Let's enjoy bouldering in Kasagi-cho

Kasagi-cho is in the eastern part of Soraku-gun located at the southernmost tip of Kyoto. Town is formed in valley around Kasagiyama and is "country of stone" where huge rock and curious stone are seen in in many places. The whole area along the Kizu River was reclaimed as bouldering spot from the 1980s and came to be called "Kasagi Borda".

Kind of climbing free with bouldering. Using exclusive shoes and chalk of slipper, it is sports to climb rock or stone. In late years bouldering gyms which installed wall of population in competition population and the room increase. It is adopted in official event of the Tokyo Olympics held in 2020 and attracts attention more and more.

We produce movie "Kasagi ROCK!" which Kasagi-cho predominates in 2016, and featured the theme of bouldering. We were shown inside and outside Kyoto, and PR event or production, sale of original goods were carried out, too.

It starts in association of bouldering in the sports Boy Scouts, the next year in 2017. Town becomes as one and works on local construction by bouldering.

Even the first person can challenge bouldering

Bouldering spot where "Kasagi Borda" can enjoy from beginner to senior. There are about 120 routes reclaimed by climber, and the name is added to each now. We are planning making of guidebook which we wrote place and degree of difficulty of route, hint of how to climb now in Kasagi-cho.In 2019, one-day spa facility installs about 4 meters square wall in "hall of natural pond smelt Kasagi, Onsen rest" when we have me experience bouldering casually. We rent shoes.

"Kasagi ROCK!" which inhabitants cooperated and produced

We produce original movie "Kasagi ROCK!" with bouldering having been adopted in official event of the Tokyo Olympics in Kasagi-cho in 2016. We appointed Miwa Oba of professional climber as heroine and decided most casts by audition of inhabitants. About 300 people are concerned with filmmaking in about 1,400 population when we include stagehand such as preparation for transportation and distribution of boiled rice of material. We were shown in movie theaters inside and outside Kyoto, and movie was exhibited in Hamburg in Germany by open film festival in Japan. In addition, we serve as PR and carry out experience-based meeting of bouldering by shopping center or sports event. We sell original goods such as Japanese towel and key ring.

We activate area through bouldering

"Kasagi Borda" whom simultaneous cleaning was always carried out for by volunteer once a year. So that, triggered by filmmaking, local inhabitants participate, too. About 150 people in total gather for cleaning activity carried out in November by appeal of "Kasagi, Kyoto climbing club" (representative Kentaro Noda), and safe class of bouldering is opened every year on the afternoon of the same day, too.

Aiming at upbringing of professional player and leader, we found sports Boy Scouts "Kasagi lock kids climbers" in 2017. Among 25 children going to Kasagi Elementary School, about half joins. We invite bouldering gym manager in Osaka-shi as lecturer and work hard at 1-2 times, exercise in month.Association of bouldering "Kasagi, Kyoto climbing club" that consisted of owner or townsman of gym establishes in 2018. We push forward various activities in conjunction with bouldering.

Shooting scenery of "Kasagi ROCK!"
PR event of movie was held in the Aeon Mall Kyoto Katsura River
Local inhabitants cooperate with climber and clean "Kasagi Borda"

Let's enjoy Kasagi-cho

Outdoor leisure that we made use of environment in

It is about 5 minutes on foot from JR Kasagi Station, and it is "Kasagi campground" where is popular among campers that spreads through riverbed of the Ohashi, Kasagi side. Canoe experience is possible in the Kizu River other than the winter season, too. At canoe school with long history, we hold tour for classroom and experienced people for beginners.

To Kasagi temple which is located near the mountaintop of Kasagiyama if we like hiking. Huge stones becoming a target of faith for a long time scatter in the precincts including "Miroku-magaibutsu Stone Buddha" (see and hit Kumagai) of 15 meters in height that is principal idol. The time required is about 40 minutes when we go round the highlight.

Can enjoy sweets; drop in; in the spot

In 2017, nail salon fused with cafe at JR Kasagi Station; "STATION!! "Is open. "Semi-Fred" such as the middle of sweets, ice cream and cake of origin in Italy is drawing card menu.

Pheasant hot pot of specialty which won the championship at "pan - 1 Grand Prix"

In dishes inn, we can taste wild plants, sweetfish, seasonal foods including Botan-nabe slowly. Specialty that pheasant hot pot won the championship at the third nationwide here pan Festa "pan - 1 Grand Prix" above all. We can thoroughly enjoy pheasant meat with taste. In the dishes inn, the use only for meal is OK, too.

We go ahead through river of calm flow by canoe
We can eat pheasant dishes through the year

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