Sacred place of sports sightseeing in Kyoto

The Heartlands of KYOTO Sports Tourism

St. Chikyo Tanabe-shi of cycling

Kyoto Infused with Tea Kyotanabe-shi

Let's enjoy cycling in Kyotanabe-shi

Kyotanabe-shi located in South Kyoto was between, and it developed among Kyoto, Osaka, Nara as strategic point of traffic. A large number of cyclists are running at "Kizu River cycling road" (prefectural road Kitsu, Yahata, Kyoto bicycle line of flow) and "Kyoto Yamashiro tea ikuru line" maintained in the eastern part of city regardless of weekdays, Saturday and Sunday.

From 2016, Kyoto stage is founded by international bicycle road race "tour of Japan" largest in Asia. It is held every year in course extending over Kyotanabe-shi and Seika-cho in May. About 50,000 audiences gather to have a look at lace which the domestic and foreign top athletes develop on that day.

"We can enjoy usefully by bicycle, what Kyotanabe-shi aims at waits". We prepare environment and facilities which are easy to have cycling and push forward town planning that is easy to visit cyclist. As "town with international bicycle road race", we work on local activation centering on "tour of Japan" at the same time.

Cycling course which about 1,000 lovers a day run

Along the Kizu River flowing through the eastern part of Kyotanabe-shi, there is "the Kizu River cycling road" linking Ohashi, Izumi, Kizugawa-shi from Kyoto-shi Arashiyama. On exclusive road of walker and bicycle, about 1,000 cyclists a day use on holiday. We can enjoy cycling while there being "Kyoto Yamashiro tea ikuru line" around spot with relationship to tea including tea plantation in the city, and looking at scenery that is different from riverside again.

We promote attractive town planning for cyclist

Toward town which cyclist is easy to visit, it is maintenance of run environment that Kyotanabe-shi works. In the place that there is "cycle rack cooperation shop" to be able to put restaurant, convenience store, bicycle of sports type including temple in the city about 20, and loans inflator and tool among them. He/she supports comfortable cycling.

We are making original cycling course by the supervision of Masahiko Mifune who played an active part as professional road racer now in the city. We set 5 courses of 1 course around the city, 4 courses running in the suburbs from the city in total and make maps which the mileage or the pitch difference know.

In addition, we push forward securing of parking space which assumed person coming carrying bicycle to car from distant place.

The site of "tour of Japan" Kyoto stage

International bicycle road race "tour of Japan" which is held every year for eight days in May. Kyoto stage was founded on the second day from 2016. We start from Kyotanabe-shi and are course spreading out to Seika-cho. Local inhabitants cooperate with major event where the more than 50,000 audiences gather, too. The volunteer staff who participated from each local government or firefighting team stands by roadside and acts for ensuring safety of player and the audience on that day.

Prior to race, we carry out "Wheeler school in Kyotanabe child bicycle security lesson" for primary schoolchildren every year in around February. Guest lecturer is Blackie Nakajima of "Wheeler school Japan", supervision and player of home team "matrix power tag" of Kyoto stage. There is to professional player with how to ride bicycles and valuable opportunity to be able to be taught manner, and there is application more than every time offer capacity and is quite popular event.

State of "child bicycle security classroom"
Player teaches how to ride bicycles to children
Finally, we take a ceremonial photograph together with exchange meeting

Let's enjoy Kyotanabe-shi

Visit temple with relationship to "Ikkyu of wit"

Temple "mukuionan" which Ikkyu reverend known as "Ikkyu of wit" revived (popular name, Ikkyu temple) is in Kyotanabe-shi. The temple is important cultural property of country designation. Particularly, we can taste Buddhist cuisine in temple when Jozan Ishikawa, Shojo Shokadou, collaboration of Kiroku Sagawada and chief priest garden (the south, the east, the north garden) handed down are reserved in the highlight. In addition, "Kannon with eleven faces statue" appointed to national treasure in "Omido Kanonji" is enshrined. Do you not see statue of Kannon of elegant appearance close? Both temples can enjoy cherry blossoms, the fresh green, beautiful scenery every season such as colored leaves.

"Tea plantation of Iioka" authorized to inheritance of Japan spreads

Kyotanabe-shi that is production center of Gyokuro which is eminent in Japan. In "the tea plantation of Iioka" spreading in Iioka district along "the Kizu River cycling road", it is authorized inheritance of Japan for "history walk of Japanese green tea 800 years". It is attractive one of the towns that can enjoy cycling while watching scenery only in production center of tea.

"Ikkyu article" which overflowed in quality of Kyotanabe-shi

One which is good to souvenir "Ikkyu product." We recognize as "Ikkyu product" with product which had quality of hometown with it over "Ikkyu" in Kyotanabe-shi. Food and dyed goods, types including craft such as ceramic ware such as Gyokuro, sweets, miso, pickled special product using tea vary. List of authorized articles is published in homepage of Kyotanabe-shi tourist association.

Omido Kanonji is famous spot of colored leaves
"Tea plantation of Iioka" where Gyokuro is cultivated
Let's find favorite "Ikkyu article"
Logo mark of "Ikkyu product"

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